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Rock.Logging Namespace

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:Rock.Logging"]

Public interfaceIAsyncWaitHandle
Public interfaceIContextProvider
Public interfaceILogEntry
Defines the interface for a single logging data point.
Public interfaceILogEntryFactory
Public interfaceILogFormatter
Public interfaceILogger
Public interfaceILoggerConfiguration
Public interfaceILoggerFactory
Defines a mechanism for creating instances of ILogger.
Public interfaceILogProvider
This interface defines the contract for logging providers. Any custom logging provider that is created will need to implement this interface as well as the optional interface [!:Rock.Framework.Formatter.IFormatterTemplate] if the provider is able to format messages for output.
Public interfaceIThrottlingRuleEvaluator
Evaluates wheter a log entry should be logged or not
Public interfaceIXmlNamespaceProvider
Public enumerationLogLevel
Public enumerationRolloverPeriod