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Rock.Messaging.NamedPipes Namespace

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Public classNamedPipeMessagingScenarioFactory
An implementation of IMessagingScenarioFactory that returns instances of ISender and IReceiver that use named pipes as their communication mechanism.
Public classNamedPipeQueueConsumer
An implementation of IReceiver that uses named pipes as its communication mechanism.
Public classNamedPipeQueueProducer
An implementation of ISender that uses named pipes as its communication mechanism.
Public classNamedPipeReceiverMessage
An implementation of IReceiverMessage for use by the NamedPipeQueueConsumer class.
Public classSimpleNamedPipeConfig
A simple implementation of INamedPipeConfig. The value passed to the constructor is returned by the PipeName property.
Public classSimpleNamedPipeConfigProvider
An implementation of INamedPipeConfigProvider whose GetConfig(String) returns instances of INamedPipeConfig with a PipeName property that returns the value of the 'name' parameter.
Public interfaceINamedPipeConfig
Contains various settings required by NamedPipeQueueConsumer and NamedPipeQueueProducer.
Public interfaceINamedPipeConfigProvider
Provides a mechanism for obtaining instances of INamedPipeConfig via a "name" key.