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Rock.Reflection Namespace
Public classGetClosedGenericTypeExtension
Public classGetConstructorFuncExtension
Provides extension methods for obtaining optimized reflection method for invoking a type's default constructor.
Public classGetdActionExtension
Provides extension methods on a PropertyInfo to get optimized reflection methods.
Public classGetGetFuncExtension
Provides extension methods for the PropertyInfo type, creating optimized functions that retrieve the value of a PropertyInfo.
Public classGetTypesSafelyExtension
Provides a GetTypesSafely(Assembly) extension method.
Public classIsDefinedInThisAssemblyExtension
Public classIsIDictionryOfTToAnythingExtension
Provides an extension method that determines whether a type implements IDictionaryTKey, TValue where the type of the key is known but the type of the value is unknown.
Public classIsLessSpecificThanExtension
Public classIsPrimitivishExtension
Public classIsPublicExtension
Public classIsStaticExtension
Public classSlowFactory
Provides unoptimized mechanisms for creating instances of types.